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About Tolga Plastec

Established in 2001, Tolga Plastec is an experienced, quality-conscious, service-oriented system partner for all branches of industry in which carrier tapes, reels and cover tapes are used.

We provide a reliable, all-round service manufacturing carrier tapes precisely according to your requirements as well as distributing accessories such as reels and cover tapes.

Our Services

Carrier Tapes.

We produce carrier tapes in a range of different widths and thicknesses – up to a depth of 20 mm. To ensure absolute quality, all Tolga Plastec carrier tapes are EIA compliant and are used in precise feeder systems to allow for integration into automatic processes. Carrier tapes are available in both clear and black polystyrene and can be produced in anti-static or conductive material depending on your requirements.

Cover Tapes

Our anti-static, cover tape seals carrier tapes cleanly and securely for de-reeling and transportation. This protective polyester film sticks to just about any synthetic material – holding the components safely and in place, inside - while protecting them against dust and dampness. We use both hot and cold seal cover tapes.


Tolga Plastec Reels are an ideal re-useable transport system for carrier tapes – available in cardboard, corriboard and plastic, in a full range of widths and diameters. Plastic reels can also be made from anti-static polystyrene or conductive material – and can be easily dissembled for storage or transportation. Our reels also have a proprietary clipping system which means they can be quickly and easily dismantled and returned to the business cycle without taking up much-needed space.

How you Benefit

A job done well

  • Our teams work at the highest levels of quality and with high-end machines. Even the most extensive jobs or those with short-notice requirements run reliably and smoothly within the system.


Maximum protection

Our custom-made packaging means that even the most sensitive components are kept safe, dry and protected.

Save time and money

  • our carrier tapes are precise feeder systems which allow for direct integration into automatic production and exact positioning in the assembly process.


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