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With over 60 people on the team, Tolga Services offers flexible, labour-saving solutions for all your inspection and assembly requirements – all at an affordable price.
For operations with a slightly longer lead time we can offer the services of our partner company "BWS" located in Kosovo at substantially reduced labour rates.

This is the smart alternative to managing this critical part of your business in-house.

We offer a full range of services


Tolga Services specialises in mechanical assembly using hand fixtures, semi automatic machines and high-speed assembly equipment. Assembly on pneumatic fixtures and fully-automated processes is offered, while we also have experience in wire harness assembly.

100% Inspection

To ensure optimum quality, we handle inspection of all components – visually, under magnification as well as making use of state-of-the-art vision systems. You’ll find we have the inspection criteria to suit almost every situation.

Tape and Reel Service

This high-quality tape and reel services places surface-mount, axial and radial components in tape and reel packaging prior to shipment. This means that they reach you production-ready – no unnecessary time or cost is incurred. A wide range of carrier tapes are designed and manufactured from top quality, high specification base materials – while our in-house design expertise, custom tooling and material manufacturing capabilities ensure well defined formation

How you Benefit


All our team undergo regular training and both Tolga Services and Tolga Plastec are ISO 9001:2015 Certified. We are also in the process of acquiring ISO 13485.


You choose how you use. We can deploy our operators on site for long and short-term contracts, depending on your needs.


  • In a cost-challenged industry, you are able to make significant savings by letting us take care of your assembly and inspection needs. 


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